Course page for Introduction to Academic Writing (A1/T1/HS1)

Here you will see suggestions from your teachers as to how to use this site, Writing in English. Note that the site is very much a work in progress, so we will be adding quite a bit more in the near future.

Familiarizing yourself with the site

Please take a moment to click on all of the links on the top-level menu (the horizontal one underneath the site name), and read the pages they lead to. That should give you a good sense of the sorts of assistance this site is designed to provide you with. You are welcome to probe more deeply wherever you like, but see below for some specific recommendations.

Recommended readings

We recommend that all A1/T1/HS1 students read the following texts. Here we group them thematically.




  • The Reference Guide topic Using Semicolons
  • The Reference Guide topic Avoiding Comma Splices
  • The Reference Guide topic Using Commas

Your instructor will most likely recommend other topics for you. In the meantime, feel free to read anything and everything on the site. We hope you find it helpful!