Welcome to the website Writing in English!

This website is produced by the Department of English at Uppsala University in Sweden. It is intended first and foremost for students in the Department of English and in other departments at Uppsala Univeristy, but it may be used by anyone else as well. We hope that you will find it helpful.

The goal of the website is to serve as a reference for those learning to write at an academic level in English, especially students whose first language is Swedish.

The website has five main components:

  1. The Reference Guide contains a (continually growing) number of topics on areas that students typically have trouble with when learning academic writing. The reference topics have been written by the two editors of the website, Gregory Garretson and Christer Larsson, both senior lecturers in the department.
  2. The Writing in English Blog offers more personal views about a variety of topics related to academic writing and learning English. Blog entries are written not only by Gregory and Christer but by a variety of other teachers in the department and guest authors.
  3. The Model Text Archive contains a number of real academic texts written primarily by former students in the department who have agreed to have their texts used as models for current students. Some of these are offered "as is", while others are shown complete with teacher comments, the better to show that writing is a process, and improvements are always possible.
  4. Links to Other Resources provides lists of links to resources on the Web that our students may find helpful. All of the resources linked to here have been vetted by our staff and found to be of reasonably high quality. The links are divided up into those to resources here at Uppsala University and those to other sites around the Web.
  5. The Course Pages section contains one page for each of the courses taught in academic writing in our department. Students in one of these courses should go to this page to find out how they are expected to make use of the webiste.

We hope that this new resource will prove very helpful to our own students and others. We welcome comments and feedback.

Gregory Garretson and Christer Larsson
on behalf of the Department of English
Uppsala University