Who we are

The Unit for Professional English is a team of instructors employed by the Department of English with many years of teaching experience and representing a very high level of expertise in English, linguistics and literature. They teach UPE courses in addition to their courses for undergraduate and Master's students. While most of the UPE courses are taught by a single instructor, some are team-taught by a pair of instructors.

Christer Larsson

Christer Larsson is a senior lecturer in the Department of English, where he works mainly with courses in English for Specific Purposes but also teaches literature and academic writing. He has a PhD in English from Uppsala University and has previously taught at the Stockholm School of Economics and Stockholm University.

Christer Larsson

Linnéa Anglemark

Linnéa Anglemark is a senior lecturer at the Department of English, where she teaches linguistics and academic writing. She has a PhD in English linguistics, and has previously worked at the Language Workshop at Uppsala University, where she taught written and spoken English proficiency.

Christine Mackay Tircomnicu

Christine Mackay Tircomnicu is a junior lecturer at the Department of English. She is mainly involved with the teacher training programme and teaches a variety of courses involving language proficiency, grammar and culture. Christine has a Master of Arts degree from the University of Glasgow, a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics from the University of Sussex, and the Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults from the University of Cambridge. She has previously taught at Folkuniversitetet, worked as a language consultant for PRV and written material and presented radio programmes for Utbildningsradion.

Christine Mackay

Ashleigh Harris

Ashleigh Harris is a senior lecturer and docent in the Department of English. She has taught academic and creative writing in both South Africa and Sweden and has worked as a literary editor on novels published by Picador and Penguin Books. Ashleigh has also supervised a number of MFA novels at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. More recently, Ashleigh’s teaching has focused on academic writing from the entry level of university studies through to the PhD level.

Ashleigh Harris
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