What people say

Here is some feedback we have received anonymously from participants in our courses:

“This course was eye-opening for me.”

“Ledaren var mycket väl förberedd, professionell och underhållande, dessutom.”

“Great set up, very relevant theme and extremely helpful advice.”

“The course has exceeded my expectations.”

“Very skilled teacher. Interesting seminars.”

“Mycket väl genomtänkt upplägg. Perfekt antal träffar.”

“I highly recommend this course.”

“Extremely professional teacher!!!”

“Kursinnehållet var bra, läraren var en utmärkt ledare av kursen. “

“Även de erfarna kollegorna skulle kunna behöva gå denna kurs.”

“It was high quality teaching and the teacher was very kind and extremely supportive.”

“Impressive that the lessons were flexible to master the different level of knowledge in English of the participants.”

“It was fun too!”

“The teacher is a very enthusiastic and energetic lecturer. He really makes the course active and interesting.”

“Bra med verklighetstrogna skrivuppgifter som vi fick feedback på. Sånt lär man sig mycket på.”

“Jag har redan haft nytta av kursen i mitt jobb under våren!”

“The instructor was engaged and professional throughout all lectures. Despite the compact course package, she successfully conveyed useful tools in a didactic manner. It was impressive actually.”

“Hands-on advice, getting real feedback on writing exercises. Good tools for me to continue improving my academic English on my own after the course.”

“I already feel more comportable speaking English to collegues.”

“Bra upplägg på kursen! Tycker det är jättebra med inlämningar varvat med diskussioner och arbete i små grupper.”

“As far as I am concerned it could have kept on for a few weeks longer. We had such a good time!”

“I think the contents of the course and the teacher was excellent. The other participants were so easy going, so nobody had to be afraid of speaking.“

“Inte minst när jag skriver brevsvar eller bara vanliga e-post så tror jag att jag kommer att känna mig säkrare. Och förhoppningen är att det kommer att gå lättare.”

“The course is very well structured and the assignments, if done properly, really improve the participant's English language skills. Using corpora (not to mention knowing about corpora) will facilitate my work substantially. And of course, the instructor is a very good teacher and was able to create a pleasant atmosphere in the classroom.”

“I most definitely enjoyed the course and learned a lot. The instructor is an outstanding teacher. I was impressed with his professionalism. He created a very positive classroom environment, was friendly and encouraging. Lastly, he has a great sense of humor. Thanks so much!”