Withdrawal and Leave of Absence


If you are studying a freestanding course, you can register a withdrawal in Ladok. If you register a withdrawal within three weeks of the start of the course period, you can apply for the course again. If you withdraw after that period, you cannot apply for the course again. However, it may be possible to be re-registered on the course, subject to availability.

If you wish to discontinue your studies on our Bachelor’s Programme in Global English Studies or our Master's Programme in English, you must notify the department. We encourage you to discuss your decision with our Study Counsellor first. Discontinuation should be registered by using the form below. Instructions are available on the form:

Register withdrawal

Approved Leave of Absence

If you need to make a break during your studies, you must apply for academic leave of absence to have a guaranteed place when you resume your studies. Academic leave of absence is only granted if you meet certain conditions (outlined by the Swedish Council for Higher Education) and only for a limited period of time. Please contact our Study Counsellor for further information.

Applications for approved leave of absence should be sent to the department using the form below. Instructions are available on the form:

Apply for leave of absence

Teacher training

If you wish to withdraw or apply for academic leave of absence from one of the teacher training programmes, you should contact the Study Counsellors for those programmes.

Resumption of Studies

When you are going to resume your studies within one of our programs after a granted academic leave of absence, you should report your return to studies using the form below.

Report return to studies

Last modified: 2023-12-06