Course Start Information

We welcome our students to a new term at the Department of English. Below is some important information for you who have been admitted to one of our courses or programmes.


Once you have received your first admission letter, you must accept your place in order to keep it. Instructions on how to accept and the acceptance deadline can be found in the admission letter. If you have been admitted to a course with us after the second admissions round, you will find information about registration on the university's student page. The same information is also given below.


Registration for all courses at the English department is done online through Ladok. If you are starting a programme, you should register to the programme's first course, which you have been admitted to. First, however, you need to activate your student account, if you have not already done so. Web registration usually opens 4 weeks before the term starts. In Ladok you can see what date your course opens for registration and the registration deadline. If for any reason you do not succeed in registering for a course that you have been admitted to, please contact the department. Please note that a registration must be made before the registration period expires. If you fail to register, you may lose your place on the course or programme.

Conditional Admission

If you are admitted with conditions, you cannot register online. You must first demonstrate that you meet the eligibility requirements. This must be done before the course starts. If you meet the requirements and are unable to register, please contact the department for assistance.

Wait-Listed Applicants

If you are put on reserve (waiting list) for a course, you cannot register online, unless you have been notified by the department that you have been admitted. We contact wait-listed applicants subject to availability according to the university's guidelines. Reserve admission normally starts no earlier than one to two weeks before the start of the course.

When the Course Starts

You can see the start date of the course in Ladok, and in Studium you will find the course schedule. Schedules are also published on our website. Please check the schedule so that you do not miss initial teaching. More detailed information about the teaching will be provided in Studium or in connection with the first teaching session on each course module.

If you are taking a distance learning course you will find all course information in Studium. Here is more information about distance learning and the systems we will be using.

If you are starting either our Master's Programme in English or our BA programme "Kandidatprogram i engelska med globala perspektiv", you will find more information on the programme's section in Studium.

Last modified: 2023-06-09