Degrees and Career

Vi offer degrees in English on all levels. In English, the common route is to build you own degree by taking several free-standing courses. As of autumn term 2020 we also offer a BA programme in Global English Studies. A Bachelor's degree in English is made up of a number of free-standing courses including English A1-C1 or equivalent. It is also possible to study English and get a BA in the subject through the Bachelor's Programme in Languages. If you need more information about how to build your own degree, please contact our Study Counsellor.

For the Master's and the Doctoral degrees we offer set programmes. Celtic studies and American studies cannot constitute major subjects in a degree, but may be included as minor subjects within, for example, a BA in English.

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Find a job!
At CareerGate you will find not only job announcements but also workshops for writing your resumé, suggestions on how to prepare for an interview, and many more tips to help you find a job.

Start your own business?
Would you like to do freelance work or work as a consultant? Starting your own business might be easier than you think. Contact Drivhuset for free assistance with all the practical details around starting a business.

Interested in volunteer work?
In Uppsala there are many nonprofit organizations that are dependent on volunteers. This is a great way to gain life expericence and boost your resumé! Organizations looking for volunteers often post available positions at Studentvolontär i Uppsala.

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Last modified: 2023-12-06