Admission, Eligibility and Registration

Conditionally Admitted

The eligibility requirements for a specific course are stipulated in the syllabus (see course catalogue). In order to be admitted to a course, you must fulfill the eligibility requirements. If you are conditionally admitted to a course or program, you will need to provide proof that you meet these requirements prior to course start. If you are conditionally admitted to a course that was ranked as your highest priority on the admissions website, you may not be admitted to courses that you ranked with a lower priority. If you then fail to meet the eligiblity requirements, you may be left without a study alternative. It is therefore important that you only apply for those courses where you are certain to meet the eligibility requirements.


Course registration is required for all students at the department. Without course registration you cannot attend seminars, take exams or receive supervision. Registration is normally done online, but sometimes at an enrollment meeting, depending on the course. Information about registration for a specific course will be advertised in Ladok. You cannot be registered to a course if you do not meet the eligibility requirements.

Drop out/Re-register

Registering to a course signifies an intent to study the course that term. If you decide to drop a course you have been registered for, you should register a withdrawal in Ladok or notify the departmental office, Within three weeks of registration, it is possible the register a so called early withdrawal, which means that you may apply to the course again another term. After three weeks, we may register an incomplete course if you choose to drop out, in which case you do not have the right to resume your studies on the course at a later stage, and it is not possible to apply to the course again through It might be possible to re-register to the same course another term, but only if there are spots available on the course.

Late Application

If the course is open for late applications you may apply to that course after the official application deadline (15 April for courses in the autumn term and 15 October for courses in the spring term). Note: the fact that a course is available for late applications does not guarantee that there are still spots available on the course. Guaranteed admission does not apply to late applications.

Wait-Listed Applicants

Wait-listed applicants may be offered a place on a course depending on availability.

Continuing Your Studies

In order to advance to the next level (from A to B, from B to C, etc.) in your studies, it is essential that you meet the eligibility requirements. This is even true for students who are enrolled within a program. It is important that you only apply for those courses where you are certain to meet the eligibility requirements.

Last modified: 2021-06-01