Previous Conferences

Language Contact: Heritage Languages and Beyond - Workshop

Uppsala, 16–17 December, 2019.


The Sixth International Conference on Late Modern English (LMEC 6): Internal and External Factors in Linguistic Stability and Language Change

August 17–19, 2017.

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The Sixth Annual Workshop on Immigrant Languages in the Americas (WILA 6)

September 24–26, 2015

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Manuscript Studies and Codicology: Theory and Practice

Thursday-Friday, 27-28 October, 2011

Venue: Carolina Rediviva, Uppsala University Library (27 October) and Auditorium “Ihre-salen”, Centre for the Humanities (ground floor), English Park Campus, Uppsala University (28 October)

This two-day event is dedicated to textual and codicological challenges that the use of medieval and early modern manuscript books can present to researchers. The first day will be spent at Carolina library auditing presentations and doing hands-on work on medieval and early modern manuscript books. The second day will comprise lectures by two keynote speakers, invited presentations by researchers at Uppsala University, and presentations and posters by doctoral students and postdocs.

The symposium is co-organized by Professor Merja Kytö (Department of English, Uppsala University) and Docent Matti Peikola (Department of English, University of Turku / Turku Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies).

“Confess if you be guilty”: Witchcraft Records in Their Linguistic and Socio-Cultural Context


Axel Erdmann Symposium


Sweden’s first Professor of English, Axel Erdmann, was appointed on 26 February 1904 at Uppsala University. Axel Erdmann (1843-1926) was a versatile scholar, who was also interested in developing academic education given in modern languages, especially in English and German. In recognition of this 100-year anniversary, the English Linguistics section of the English Department organised a symposium on 12 May 2004.


  • Prof. Merja Kytö, Inledningsanförande
  • Prof. Mats Rydén, Att läsa engelska i Uppsala för 100 år sedan
  • Christine Johansson, The Use of Relativizers Across Speaker Roles and Gender: Explorations in 19th-Century Trials, Letters and Drama
  • Linnéa Anglemark, ”well folks im signing off here” — Vocatives in Chatroom Conversation
  • Terry Walker, Do Linguistic Factors Influence Second Person Singular Pronoun Use in Early Modern English ’Authentic’ Dialogues
  • Peter Grund, ”The dragon eating his owne winges”: Alchemical Language in the 15th and 16th Centuries

Anna Paues Symposium, 2002

This 100-year-anniversary symposium was organised by the English Department on 13 December 2002 in honour of Anna Paues, the first woman awarded a PhD in English, who defended her doctoral dissertation on 28 May 1902 at Uppsala University.


  • Prof. Merja Kytö, Inledningsanförande
  • Prof. Mats Rydén, Från Anna Paues till Birgit Bramsbäck. Om kvinnliga doktorer i engelska i Sverige 1900-1950
  • Sara Lilja, ’Good and laweful men’ och ’poor distressed women’: genustermer i äldre nuengelska
  • Ingrid Westin, Hur har språket i engelska tidningsledare förändrats under 1900-talet?
  • Elin Holmsten, Dialoger med den Andre: Medbh McGuckians poesi
  • Anne Odenbring Ehlert, Ekokritik: kan ekologisk filosofi kasta nytt ljus över litterär naturromantik?