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Multifaceted Research

The department conducts research in the English language and its literatures, North American studies and Celtic languages. We have postgraduate education in the English language, as well as English and American literature.

Recent Publications

Recent Doctoral Theses

English Linguistics

Research in English Linguistics at the department consists of theoretically informed empirical studies. These are primarily based on computerized corpora of historical and modern English. Our researchers have made internationally recognized progress in the compilation and use of electronic text resources.

Research in English Linguistics

English Literature

Research in English Literature includes all literatures written in English outside of North America from 1500 to the present. Our goal as a whole is to comprehend “English literature” as a global phenomenon. Our group of researchers is the only larger unit i Sweden solely devoted to the study of the literature of Great Britain and the former members of the Commonwealth.

Research in English Literature

American Literature

Research in American Literature explores a range of topics from canonical American literature to ethnic studies and visual culture. Focusing on the distinctive voices and styles in American literature from the first encounters between European and Native (North) American populations in the sixteenth century to the present day, we look at how the American literary canon has been shaped and re-defined under the influence of factors such as immigration or popular culture.

Research in American Literature

Celtic Studies

The Celtic Section, the only one of its kind in Scandinavia, is solely dedicated to the study of Celtic languages and literatures from the earliest times to the modern day. The Section was founded in 1950, and Uppsala University has played an important role in promoting research and teaching in Celtic Studies in the Nordic countries ever since

Research in Celtic Studies


The Swedish Institute for North American Studies (SINAS) conducts research and promotes the study of North America. It is the only institute of its kind in Sweden. A central focus is to explore the global relevance of American culture and society. We examine the significance of American culture from a variety of perspectives, including migration history, American influences on the world, film history, and popular culture.

Research at SINAS

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