Ny doktorsavhandling: Sally Anderson Boström - “Closed Place, Open Word”: Reading the Postplantation in Earl Lovelace, Milton Murayama, and Ntozake Shange


"This dissertation focuses on three authors who came of age in the 1980s, Earl Lovelace, Milton Murayama, and Ntozake Shange, reading their novels set respectively on Trinidad, Hawai‘i, and the Sea Islands, as postplantation expressions."

"The dissertation’s specific contribution is to show how the history of the plantation is central to contemporary island discourse. The comparative study of novels about Trinidad, Hawai‘i, and the Sea Islands untangles the effect of the plantation in each of these locations: the legacies of racial and sexual trauma, poverty, and the power structures that continue to replicate the plantation, but also the culture and language that emerged in triumph from this dehumanizing system."

Disputationen äger rum den 14 juni 2022, Ihresalen, Engelska Parken, Thunbergsvägen 3H, Uppsala, 13:15.

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