Externfinansierad forskning

On Horror’s Head: American Literary Responses to Foreign Revolutions in the Long Nineteenth Century (1776-1905)

This project focuses on how nineteenth-century American writers, from Charles Brockden Brown to Stephen Crane, have responded to revolutions and political upheaval in other nations of the Atlantic world. By resituating American literature in relation to seemingly peripheral occurrences in the Atlantic world, the project recovers connections that have been lost because of the global ascendancy of the United States in the latter half of the twentieth century, when the nation became more focused on exporting an image of itself to the rest of the world than on importing ideas from other nations.

Michael Boyden has received a four-year grant (2015 – 2019) from the Swedish Research Council (VR) for this project. 

Fictions of Threat: Speculation, Security, and Surviving the Now

A STINT-funded project located in the American Literature section of the Department of English, Uppsala University

The project studies American cultural responses to threats such as financial collapse, viral annihilation, species extinction, environmental disaster, war, and terrorism. The focus of the study is twofold. We investigate the ways fictional narratives make, interrogate, and respond to speculative forecasts concerning emergent threatening futures. Secondly, we inquire into the relation between these fictional speculations and cultural and political discourses on precaution, preemption, risk, and security.

Financed by a STINT Institutional Grant (2013-2017), this project brings together participants from American Studies research clusters at Uppsala University, the University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa), and the University of Sussex (UK). Incorporating senior and younger researchers, the project aims at developing strong transnational synergies through workshops, conferences, and research outputs involving all participants.