PhD Programme

The graduate programme in English is a four-year full-time programme. It comprises one component of course modules (90 academic credits) and one component made up of the dissertation (academic credits), totaling 240 academic credits. It is also possible to study towards a licentiate degree, in all 120 academic credits, with one course and one dissertation component of 60 academic credits each. The programme is divided into three sections, one specializing in English Linguistics, one specializing in English Literature, and one specializing in American Literature. Doctoral students regularly present their work at so called work-in-progress seminars.

Study plans (in Swedish)

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How to apply

Open doctoral positions are announced at jobs & vacancies. Applications should be submitted through the university's electronic application system.

The application should be in English. The documents submitted should include the following:

  1. a completed application form for doctoral studies
  2. A short personal letter of introduction (1-2 pages) indicating your research interests, career plans, why you are interested in studying in our department and other relevant personal information.
  3. a curriculum vitae (CV)
  4. Official transcripts of academic records (scanned, electronic versions) which verify that the applicant has met both the general and special eligibility requirements to be admitted as a doctoral student at the Faculty of Languages.
  5. examples of previous written academic work in a relevant subject. These should be degree papers from D levels (if from a Swedish university), one-year master's theses or theses from a relevant two-year master’s degree.
  6. two or three signed letters of recommendation from scholars who have first-hand knowledge of your previous studies (e.g. thesis supervisors). The letters should ideally address your scholarly work as well as, for instance, your work ethic and ability to co-operate and incorporate feedback into your work.
  7. a three-to-five page research proposal identifying a likely topic for the doctoral research. This plan is an important part of the application. It should be a description of the project the applicant intends to carry out as a doctoral student and should indicate whether you propose to specialise in English Literature, American Literature or English Linguistics. Research plans typically include the following:
    • the purpose of study and a preliminary title
    • problems and research questions to be addressed
    • methodology and theory
    • materials and/ or data to be studied
    • references (i.e., primary and secondary sources referred to in the proposal).

Doctoral Student Association

The doctoral student association is an association of all doctoral students at the English Department. Membership in the association is automatic in conjunction with acceptance into the graduate program.

Its objective is to encourage and support the doctoral students throughout their graduate studies, and to monitor and raise issues that involve their work environment and rights. In addition, the association also constitutes a social forum for the doctoral students at the department.


Chairperson: Dolores Fors (English language)
Secretary: Avantika Pokhriyal (English literature)
Treasurer: Lina Baaziz (American literature)

Sweden’s United Student Unions' (Sveriges Förenade Studentkårer, SFS) PhD Handbook

Last modified: 2023-12-06