Workshop on Structural equation modeling for (corpus) linguistics data

  • Date: –12:00
  • Location: Engelska parken To be announced
  • Lecturer: Gregory R. Hancock (University of Maryland) and Tove Larsson (Northern Arizona University/Uppsala University).
  • Organiser: Department of English, Uppsala University
  • Contact person: Merja Kytö
  • Workshop

This workshop offers an accessible and non-technical introduction to structural equation modeling (SEM), specifically measured variable path analysis, to researchers in corpus linguistics. SEM is a powerful analytic framework of statistical techniques. We will introduce the main components of SEM (focusing on measure variable path analysis), and help walk participants through the steps of this kind of analysis. At the end of the workshop, it is our hope that participants will (i) have the tools to be able to carry out simple analyses on their own data, and (ii) have been made aware of resources available to carry on their training after the workshop. Our intent is not to introduce techniques that add unnecessary complexity to already sophisticated analyses (see the discussion of minimally sufficient statistical methods in Egbert, Larsson, & Biber, 2020), but rather to introduce tools that allow us to answer research questions that are beyond reach given current statistical methods.

As we have limited number of seats, we would appreciate it if you could sign up here by December 10: