American Studies

The USA is currently the world's main superpower. Its economic, political and cultural influence on the rest of the world is considerable. Studying the USA, its history and its role in the modern world helps us understand modern globalisation.

We offer three 30-credit courses in American studies plus a number of 7.5-credit units. The goal of our courses is to provide knowledge of central aspects of American culture and politics. The courses will also develop students' communicative skills within the specific subject area. Note that it is not possible to obtain a degree in American studies.


We offer three 30-credit courses in American Studies A1-C1. The modules in American Studies A1 and B1 are offered as individual 7.5-credit courses, two of which are also taught as distance courses. American studies is a so called minor subject, which means it is not possible to get a degree in the subject. However, the courses may be used as a minor subject within a degree.

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American studies


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