Departmental Board

Head of Department and Chair
Christer Larsson, Senior Lecturer
Erik Smitterberg, Professor (deputy)

Angela Hoffman, Senior Lecturer
Christine Mackay Tircomnicu, Lecturer
Ashleigh Harris, Professor
Gregory Darwin, Senior Lecturer
Adam Hjorthén, Senior Lecturer

1. Sofia Ahlberg, Senior Lecturer (deputy)
2. Stuart Robertson, Senior Lecturer (deputy)
3. Erik Smitterberg, Professor (deputy)

Administrative Staff
Åke Eriksson, Course Coordinator
Ella Ekblom, Study Counsellor (deputy)

Doctoral Students
Cecilia Lindskog Whiteley
Suzanne Ericson (deputy)

Undergratade Students
Dolores Fors
Zacharias Jafar
No deputy has been appointed.

Term of office for staff: 2022-10-15--2025-10-14; for students: 2022-07-01--2023-06-30.


Equality Ombudsman
Adam Hjorthén (member of the faculty equal rights committee)
Vacant (deputy member of the faculty equal rights committee)

Safety Officer
Christer Geisler

Environmental Officer
Åke Eriksson

Last modified: 2022-10-11