250 years and more

Education and research in English since 1736.

Departmental board and policy documents

The Department of English

While English was not a subject in 1477 when Uppsala University was established, it still enjoys a long history, having been an academic discipline at the university since 1736, when Andreas Hesselius was appointed the first tutor of the subject.

Today the Department's three chairs cover the fields of English Language (since 1904), English Literature (1948), and American Literature (1968).

Our Celtic Section has grown out of a research professorship in Celtic Languages and Comparative Indo-European Linguistics (1941-1948) and the Irish Institute (established in 1950). In 2003, SINAS, the Swedish Institute for North American Studies, became part of the Department of English, adding to its competence in related fields.

Quick Facts
  • Approx. 1500 students per year
  • About 40 members of staff
  • A BA programme in global English studies
  • A master's programme in English
  • Includes a Celtic studies section and
  • The Swedish Institute for North American Studies
  • About 60 courses
Last modified: 2023-09-06