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The Department is located at The English Park Campus - Centre for the Humanities. Here students, teachers and researchers from a number of different disciplines create a dynamic study environment. Every term more than 700 students enroll in our courses.

We offer courses in the following subjects: English, American Studies and Celtic Studies. Three terms of English (A1-C1) may constitute a major in a Bachelor's Degree. Then it is possible to continue on to our second-cycle programme in English in order to obtain a Master's Degree in English.

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Writing in English

Writing in English is an online resource for students writing academic texts in English and offers concrete help and advice on, for example, grammar, sentence structure and formal aspects of academic writing. Writing in English was created by the Department of English as a resource for students at Uppsala university, but is available to anyone who wants to develop their academic writing skills

Conrad First

Conrad First is an open-access archive of the 200+ serials which first published the work of Joseph Conrad. Created by Stephen Donovan, it is sponsored by the Department of English, Uppsala University.

Now you can read Conrad the way his first audiences did, in the pages of newspapers and magazines alongside the latest news, feature articles, editorials, short stories, photographs, illustrations, competitions, weather forecasts, sporting results, financial reports, cartoons, and advertisements.

Last modified: 2021-03-04